19th AOC Conference & Show
Perth, Western Australia
11th to 16th September 2012

"Wild About Orchids"

Xavier Garreau de Loubresse of Vietnam & France (Paphs)

Xavier Garreau de Loubresse is the Technical Advisor for the Pacific Wide Group. At the present time, Xavier is also the Managing Director of Select Orchids, selecting, breeding and propagating extremely rare plants and forms.

Xavier's Current Business, Select Orchids

For the past 15 years he has only been growing unique specimens and hybrids with a specific breeding program. Xavier produces high quality, specific plants for the hobby market as well as some customers for specialised/expert cloning of varieties that are not in the trade elsewhere.


Xavier has been involved with orchids since a very young age; he started to grow orchids at 10 years old. Since then Xavier has held some notable roles and achievements. These include:

1989 Got a permit to collect wild European orchids, and completed a full research program on their culture and propagation for the Environment Ministry, France.

1991 Gave a presentation at the European Orchid Conference about tissue culture of the wild European orchids.

1993 Awarded the first scientific prize at the World Orchid Conference in Glasgow for finding how to keep cut flowers alive for many months and make seeds out of cut flowers.

1995 Set up Tokyo Gas Company Nursery and laboratory in Subang.

Part-time teacher at National Customs School of Rouen.

1996 Started up his own company, Premium Plants in France.

Named General Customs expert for horticulture related matters and Special Advisor of the investigations and research division of Customs.

Advisor for Orchid Laboratories in Phuket; set up protocols for Phalaenopsis cloning.

2001 Leading supplier of extremely rare orchids for European orchid market.
2010 Technical advisor for Pacific Wide, supplier of Orchiata, sphagnum moss and coir.

Since 1993, specialized in finding new sources of rare orchid species, and ensuring control quality of orders to some Asian nurseries by large wholesalers.