19th AOC Conference & Show
Perth, Western Australia
11th to 16th September 2012

"Wild About Orchids"

With the intent of achieving the 19th AOC Conference Committee's long range plan of presening a wide variety of quality, world class lecturers from Australia and around the world, we are proud to announce that the services of the following outstanding group of orchid lecturers have been secured. Your Committee is still in discussions with further quality speakers on a wide variety of orchid subjects, so watch this space.

Terry Root of The Orchid Zone, USA (Paphs)

Roy Tokunaga of H&R Orchids Hawaii (Dens & Catts)

Jason Fischer of Orchids Limited in Minnesota. Jason will lecture on Phragmipediums and Phrag kovachii and its hybrids

Glen Barfield,The OrchidWorks, Hawaii Around the corner with Oncidiinae”

Jim Cootes, NSW (Orchids of the Philippines)

Ron Parsons, California, USA, (Minature Orchid Species)

Mary Gerritsen, California, USA, (Orchid Hunting in Borneo)

Xavier Garreau de Loubresse of Vietnam & France (Paphs)

Isobyl la Croix, UK (African Orchids)

Johan Hermans of the UK (Orchids of Madagascar)

Dr. Henry Oakeley of the UK

Jose 'Pepe' Portilla of Ecuagenera Orchids, Ecuador Ecuadorian Phragmipedium in situ.

Andrew Brown (Western Australian Natives)

Greg Bryant of Bryants Orchids NSW (Cymbidiums)

Robert Fuchs of R.F. Orchids, Florida, USA (Vandaceous)

Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids, California, USA (Catasetinae)

Dr. Graham McKay of Gigi Orchids in Queensland

Mr. Kuo-Liang Hung of Tying Shin Orchids, Taiwan.

Scott Barrie of Barrita Orchids - Cymbidiums

Mark Brundrett, is a Senior Scientist at the Department of Environment and Conservation in Swan Region and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia.

Ray Clement of Tinonee Orchids, NSW

Murray Shergold of Easy Orchids NSW