19th AOC Conference & Show
Perth, Western Australia
11th to 16th September 2012

"Wild About Orchids"

Isobyl la Croix


Isobyl la Croix trained as a botanist at the University of Edinburgh. After graduation, she and her husband spent 17 years actually living in Africa, in Ghana, Kenya & Malawi, where she developed a deep passion for tropical orchids. Isobyl has also visited and looked for orchids in a number of other African countries - Congo (Brazzaville), Swaziland, Zimbabwe & South Africa, where she collected and studied orchids.

Since her return to the United Kingdom, Isobyl edited The Orchid Review, the doyen of orchid journals, for nine years.

Her deep and extensive knowledge of orchids, as scientist, horticulturist, orchid journal editor, and orchid hunter, is reflected in her concise but critical text. Few authors of orchid books have a broader knowledge and experience than Isobyl la Croix, whose name is well known to aficionados of tropical African orchids.

Isobyl la Croix has written a series of authoritative books and articles on tropical African species: Epiphytic Orchids of Malawi (1983), Orchids of Malawi (1991), Flora Zambesiaca Orchidaceae (1995, 1998), and African Orchids in the Wild and in Cultivation (1997) and The New Encyclopedia of Orchids (2008)