19th AOC Conference & Show
Perth, Western Australia
11th to 16th September 2012

"Wild About Orchids"

Cut Flower Approval for Entry to WA from Other Australian States

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Below is a list of orchids where all species of that genus are Permitted to come into WA.
If the genus is not listed below then they will need to include the species name(s) as we do not accept common or cultivar names.
If they are on this list then all they need to do is put down the genus name and spp. at the end ie ‘Cymbidium spp.’ or ‘Paphiopedilum spp.
GRANT JACKSON | Manager | Technical Services |

Acampe spp.
Acianthus spp.
Acineta spp.
Ada spp.
Aerangis spp.
Aeranthes spp.
Aerides spp.
Aganisia spp.
Amesiella spp.
Angraecum spp.
Anguloa spp.
x Angulocaste spp.
Ansellia spp.
Arachnis spp.
x Aranda spp.
Arundina spp.
x Ascocenda spp.
Ascocentrum spp.
Aspasia spp.
Baptistonia spp.
Barkeria spp.
Batemannia spp.
Beclardia spp.
Bifrenaria spp.
Bletia spp.
Bletilla spp.
Bollea spp.
Brassavola spp.
Brassia spp.
Brassolaeliocattleya spp.
Broughtonia spp.
Bulbophyllum spp.
Burrageara spp.
Caladenia spp.
Calanthe spp.
Calanthe x Phaius spp.
Calochilus spp.
Catasetum spp.
Cattleya spp.
Cattleya x Broughtonia spp.
Ceratostylis spp.
Chilochista spp.
Chiloglottis spp.
Chondrorhyncha spp.
Christensonia x Neofinetia spp.
Chysis spp.
Cirrhaea spp.
Cischweinfia spp.
Cleisostoma spp.
Cochleanthes spp.
Cochlioda spp.
Coelia spp.
Coelogyne spp.
Colax spp.
Colmanara spp.
Comesa spp.
Comparettia spp.
Coryanthes spp.
Corybas spp.
Cryptopus spp.
Cyanicula spp.
Cycnoches spp.
Cycnoches x Mormodes spp.
Cymbidiella spp.
Cymbidium spp.
Cynorkis spp.
Cyrtostylis spp.
Dendrobium spp.
Dendrochilum spp.
Disa spp.
Disperis spp.
Diuris spp.
Doritaenopsis spp.
Dracula spp.

Embreea spp.
Encyclia spp.
Epicattleya spp.
Epidendrum spp.
Epigeneium spp.
Eria spp.
Eriochilus spp.
Eriopsis spp.
Eulophia spp.
Eulophiella spp.
Galeandra spp.
Gastrochilus spp.
Glossodia spp.
Gongora spp.
Grammatophyllum spp.
Graphorkis spp.Habenaria spp.
x Hawkinsara spp.
Helcia spp.
Hexisea spp.
Holcoglossum spp.
Holothrix spp.
Houlletia spp.
Huntleya spp.Hygrochilus spp.
Isabelia spp.
Jumellea spp.
Kefersteinia spp.
Laelia spp.
Laeliocatarthron spp.
Laeliocattleya spp.
Leochilus spp.
Lepanthopsis spp.
Leptotes spp.
Liparis spp.
Lockhartia spp.
Ludisia spp.
Lueddemannia spp.
Lycaste spp.
Lyperanthus spp.
Macradenia spp.
Malaxis spp.
Masdevallia spp.
Maxillaria spp.
Mediocalcar spp.
Microcoelia spp.
Microtis spp.
x Miltassia spp.
Miltonia spp.
Miltoniopsis spp.
Mormodes spp.
Mystacidium spp.
Nageliella spp.
Neobathiea spp.
Neodryas spp.
Neofinetia x Rhynchostylis spp.
Neofinetia spp.
Neogardneria spp.
Neogardneria x Pabstia x Zygopetalum spp.
Neogardneria x Zygopetalum spp.
Neolehmannia spp.
Notylia spp.
Octomeria spp.
Odontoglossum spp.
Oeonia spp.
Oeoniella spp.
Oerstedella spp.
Oncidium spp.
Otaara spp.
Otostylis spp.
Pabstia spp.
Pabstia x Zygopetalum spp.

Paphinia spp.
Paphiopedilum spp.
Papilionanthe spp.
Peristeria spp.
Pescatorea spp.
Phaius spp.
Phalaenopsis spp.
Phragmipedium spp.
Plectrophora spp.
Pleione spp.
Pleurothallis spp.
Polycycnis spp.
Polystachya spp.
Porroglossum spp.
x Potinara spp.
Promenaea spp.
Psygmorchis spp.
Pteroceras x Sarcochilus spp.
Pterostylis spp.
Pyrorchis spp.
Rangaeris spp.
Renanthera spp.
Restrepia spp.
Rhynchostylis spp.
Rhytionanthos spp.
Robiquetia spp.
Rodriguezia spp.
Rossioglossum spp.
Rudolfiella spp.
Rumrillara spp.Sarcochilus spp.
Scaphoselapum spp.
Scaphyglottis spp.
Scelochilus spp.
Schlimia spp.
Schoenorchis spp.
Schomburgkia spp.
Scuticaria spp.
Seidenfadenia spp.
Sievekingia spp.
Sigmatostalix spp.
Smitinandia spp.
Sobennikoffia spp.
Sophrocattleya spp.
Sophrolaelia spp.
Sophrolaeliocattleya spp.
Sophronitis spp.
Spathoglottis spp.
Sphyrastylis spp.
Stanhopea spp.
Stelis spp.
Stenia spp.
Symphyglossum spp.
Telipogon spp.
Thelymitra spp.
Thrixspermum spp.
Trevoria spp.
Trias spp.
Trichocentrum spp.
Trichoglottis spp.
Trichopilia spp.
Trigonidium spp.
Tropidia spp.
Vanda spp.
Vanda x Ascocentrum spp.
Vandopsis spp.
Vanilla spp.
x Vascostylis spp.
Warrea spp.
Xylobium spp.
Zygopetalum spp.
Zygosepalum spp.
Zygostates spp